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we are not just an agency.

  WE ARE  


Our setup and design is different from other elite sports management firms. Icon successfully procures and enhances the best possible business opportunities for our clients during their baseball careers and beyond. What differentiates us is the common calling we share with our players to IMPACT and advance other lives. The Icon mission and our partnership with Pastime with Purpose adds a powerful dimension that takes our relationship beyond the typical agent-client dynamic. WE ARE FAMILY.
This is why we selectively choose our clients from the outset as much for their personal character as their athletic abilities. Similarly, our clients select us as much for our shared values and commitment to helping them leave a legacy as our business acumen and savvy negotiation skills. The resolute connection we establish with our clients means we tackle each challenge with a unified sense of trust and confidence, and we celebrate each milestone together with humility and purpose.

...and you always fight harder for family.

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